about cycology:

By integrating my experience and passion for bike education with my background in mental health, I founded Cycology to help riders of all ages and abilities find the freedom of confident riding by providing a fun and safe environment to develop their inner and outer strengths.

about laura:

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania in a family that instilled the values of enjoying outdoor activities. In college at the University of Pittsburgh, I acquired a cheap bike to get to class faster, and then quickly discovered it was so much more than that: When I rode my bike, I felt strong, confident, and calm. I also realized my bike provided me with the power of agency to take myself all around the city, as well as the opportunity to access the beautiful green parks and river trails. And mostly, biking made me happy.

I continued to commute and explore living car-free when I worked with youth experiencing homelessness in San Diego, and then friends introduced me to racing triathlons and road riding when I was living and teaching high school in rural North Carolina. My love of both city and endurance riding grew even more when I moved back to Pittsburgh and it became my favorite activity. I also love to crush Pittsburgh's hills, take joy rides with my husband, friends, or family in our beautiful parks and trail systems, and in the Spring of 2023, began racing with Pittsburgh Babes on Bikes. When I’m not riding or spending time outdoors, I love to cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book, bake, and take local and distant adventures with family and friends.

My love for teaching bike education began in graduate school when I took a job coordinating a summer youth cycling program and quickly realized I had a passion for helping people access the joy and freedom of riding a bike. When I was hired as a School Counselor in a local public charter district, I teamed up with the physical education teachers to found an outdoor cycling program: The program, now spanning the entire K-12 district, provides an opportunity during the school day for students to learn how to ride in the city, with many learning to ride for the first time

In 2022, I became a certified cycling instructor through the League of American Bicyclists. With this League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Certification, I began teaching Smart Cycling private and group classes, as well as leading group rides, workshops, and private lessons on safe cycling.

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