city cycling Classes & LESSONS

Need help building confidence to navigate Pittsburgh city riding? Want to learn how to safely and confidently navigate your commute and use the city's cycling infrastructure? I teach the American League of Bicyclists Smart Cycling Curriculum in group classes and individual lessons. 

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Learn to Ride Lessons

Learn how to balance, safely mount & dismount, start & stop, turn, and prepare for each ride from a certified cycling instructor. As a trained mental health counselor, I provide a supportive environment and lean into your strengths to get you riding for the first time, or as a refresher if it's been awhile.

Lessons are for adults and children 3 and up. 

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bike & gear shopping SUPPORT

Want to buy a bike but feel overwhelmed looking online and/or walking into your Local Bike Shop? Have a bike but need help with all of the gear that goes with it? I can help you figure out what bike or gear is right for you, do all of the background research on price and availability, and can join you for in-person bike shopping and/or gear recommendations.

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Group Rides

My group rides are all about the joy of getting outside, taking a chill ride, having fun, and spending time with a group of supportive people. Also, there is always a little personal development and snack included!

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Bike counseling

Counseling sessions on a bike instead of a couch. Available for adults and children. Bike Counseling is in the works.

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Cycology Youth Club

A Cycology Youth Club is in the works.

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